Our Impact: Tangible Results from CAMRAS

Shaping Futures with Knowledge and Tools

Our CAMRAS project results are committed to creating lasting change for migrants and refugees in the agriculture sector. they are a testament to this commitment, showcasing the practical tools and resources we have developed to empower individuals and communities.

Effective Farming Guidebook

Our effective farming guidebook is a comprehensive resource tailored for migrants and refugees, designed to enhance their agricultural skills and knowledge. this guidebook includes:

  1. a detailed literature review on the state of the art in the agricultural sector and its interplay with migrants and refugees.
  2. Analysis of survey results from each participating country, offering insights into the specific needs of farmers, migrants, and refugees.
  3. Practical advice on efficient farming techniques, helping to bridge the skill gap in the agricultural workforce.
Download the Efficient Farming Guidebook in other languages:

CAMRAS Trainer Handbook

The CAMRAS trainer handbook is an invaluable asset for trainers working with migrants and refugees in agriculture. this handbook provides:

  1. In-depth insights, tools, and best practices for successful integration and sustainable employment in agriculture.
  2. Strategies to foster an inclusive environment and promote sustainable agricultural practices.
  3. Guidance to trainers on making a significant impact on the lives and careers of migrants and refugees.

With this handbook, trainers are equipped to lead and inspire, shaping the future of sustainable agriculture.


Learning & Training Platform

Our innovative e-learning platform stands as a pivotal part of the camras project. this platform:

  1. Facilitates capacity building for migrants and refugees through comprehensive learning and training programs.
  2. Acts as a central hub for information on all CAMRAS activities.
  3. Serves as a matchmaking tool, connecting farmers with migrants and refugees eager to start careers in the agricultural sector.

This platform is a dynamic space for learning, growth, and connection, helping to break down barriers and open up opportunities.

Fostering Growth And Understanding

These results from CAMRAS not only empower migrants and refugees in the agriculture sector but also contribute to the broader goal of creating sustainable, inclusive, and efficient agricultural communities. through these tools and resources, we are helping to shape a more knowledgeable, skilled, and cohesive agricultural workforce.


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