Addressing Global Challenges with Local Solutions

CAMRAS project stands at the forefront of addressing one of the most pressing global issues of our time: forced migration. the syrian war, starting in 2011, marked a notable increase in the displacement of millions, leading to a significant influx of migrants and refugees into turkey and europe. many of these individuals, in their quest for safety and stability, find themselves in the agricultural sector of their host countries. however, the lack of essential skills and knowledge in agriculture often leads to inefficiencies and potential environmental issues.


CAMRAS is dedicated to transforming these challenges into opportunities for growth and sustainability through Agricultural Skills Training for Migrants and Refugees. Our objectives are:

Skill Enhancement

Boost the agricultural knowledge, skills, and abilities of migrants and refugees in the agriculture sector, focusing on agricultural skills training for migrants and refugees.

Workforce Competency

Identify the necessary attributes for a competent agricultural workforce.

Training Excellence

Enhance the methods and skills of trainers in this sector, central to agricultural skills training for migrants and refugees.

Digital Learning

Create an online platform to deliver education and increase project visibility, a hub for agricultural skills training for migrants and refugees.

Employment Facilitation

Ensure access to our platform’s database for both employers and job seekers.

Online Training

Provide training to improve migrants' and refugees' contributions to their host country's agriculture and economy.

Environmental Awareness

Increase understanding of natural resources' importance in agriculture and the need for environmental protection.


Research, Education, and Integration
The CAMRAS project is action-oriented, focusing on:

Tailored Research

Conducting primary research to understand the specific needs of migrants and refugees for skill development and community integration.

Sectoral Analysis

Engaging with farmers and potential employers to ascertain workforce needs and prerequisites.

E-Learning Platform

Developing an online environment for training, thereby accelerating workforce qualification and integration.

Resource Development

Creating the 'Effective Farming Guidebook' to enhance skills in sustainable agriculture, a key resource in agricultural skills training for migrants and refugees.

Capacity Building

Enhancing the capabilities of trainers to improve educational and training offerings.

Join Us

CAMRAS project not only equips migrants and refugees with the skills necessary for efficient agricultural production but also prepares them for potential reverse migration. by empowering them through agricultural skills training for migrants and refugees, we contribute to the food security and economic stability of both their host and home countries.