Increase the Capacity of Migrants and Refugees in the Agriculture Sector

Empowering Migrants And Refugees In Agriculture

The journey of a migrant or refugee is fraught with challenges. war and conflict have forced millions of migrants and refugees to new lives, often finding themselves in foreign agriculture sectors without having the necessary skills. this not only hampers their ability to succeed but can also lead to environmental harm and inefficiency in food production.



CAMRAS understands these challenges intimately. That’s why, together with our partners, we're here to bridge the skills gap, offering a beacon of hope and a path forward for migrants and refugees working in the agriculture sector. Our expertise and commitment are our allies in this journey of adaptation and growth.


At CAMRAS, we are committed to nurturing a skilled and harmonious agricultural environment, focusing on three key groups

Migrants and Refugees in the Agriculture Sector

Our primary aim is to empower migrants and refugees in the agriculture sector. Displaced by conflict, these individuals often find themselves in unfamiliar agricultural roles. We provide targeted training and resources, equipping them with the necessary skills for sustainable farming and successful integration into their new communities.

Agricultural Sector Professionals

Individuals already established in the agriculture sector are crucial to our mission. We support farmers and agricultural workers, facilitating seamless integration with migrants and refugees. Our initiatives enhance collaboration and promote a more efficient, inclusive agricultural environment.

Vocational and Adult Education Professionals

Educators in vocational and adult education are key to empowering migrants and refugees in the agriculture sector. We equip these professionals with innovative training methods and resources, enabling them to effectively teach and uplift their students in agricultural skills and practices.

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in our mission to empowering migrants and refugees with skills for the agriculture sector, farming professionals, and adult educators who can make this happen with our tools and methodologies.